Forestry First Aid (+F)

Forestry First Aid (+F)

First Aid for workers on Forestry Commission and NRW land

Meets +F requirements

Flexible options for training

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Forestry Commission Requirements

The Forestry Commission policy for workers on their land states that first aiders in ‘core operations’ should have completed Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work as well as additional ‘+F’ training. This is to cover the specific hazards found in the Forestry environment.

First Aid for Additional Hazards

The Forestry +F topics include:

  • Severe chainsaw cuts
  • crush injuries
  • hypothermia
  • Lyme Disease

In addition to these issues, the HSE guidance on first aid at work requires employers to undertake a first aid needs assessment. If your needs assessment identifies any other areas of training need, we’ll be happy to discuss this further with you.

First Aid for Forestry Contractors

We can provide +F training for forestry contractors in a number of ways. Candidates successfully completing our 2 day outdoor first aid qualification course will have covered all of the elements required. We can provide a Forestry First Aid +F certificate for these candidates on request for an additional certification fee. This is overseen and issued by our awarding body ITC First.

Candidates on our 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work courses will not automatically cover all of the +F elements, but we can provide an additional 2 hours of training to complete the +F certification.

We can also deliver the +F topics as an additional module to an in-house 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work course if you have a group in need of training. Please get in touch to discuss this.

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