Today is World First Aid Day, so what’s it all about?

Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman, witnessed first-hand the aftermath of the 1859 battle of Solferino in Italy. Horrendously injured soldiers lay across the battlefield and Dunant, appalled by the fact that nobody seemed to be helping the injured men, began to do so himself. He organised the local population and arranged for makeshift hospitals to be set up to treat the wounded, regardless of which side they had fought for.

Dunant’s published experiences and continued campaigning eventually led to the creation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, dedicated to providing immediate care for wounded soldiers. The organisation has of course expanded since then to become the International¬†Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and has a major role in providing aid, not just in war zones, but to those suffering from natural disasters and other major incidents as well.

First Aid remains a primary consideration for the IFRC. With just a little training, individuals can make a big difference when they are first on the scene of an accident or incident. Injured people can have their suffering eased and lives can be saved in those first minutes before the emergency services arrive.

At Borderlands, we’re proud to play our part in training first aiders to learn the simple skills that save lives.

There’s more information on the IFRC here and you can find out more about our training here.